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Welcome to CourseCast!

Coursecast is an online resource and community for video course creators.
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What is CourseCast?

CourseCast is an online resource and community founded by 3 individuals that are passionate about creating video courses.

What is the purpose for CourseCast?

CourseCast is an online resource for creating video courses. It’s also a community where course creators can come together to share strategies, tips, and even collaborate with one another.

Why CourseCast?

We’ve helped thousands of course creators over the past 7 years create online courses. We truly love seeing people become successful with online courses. We’ve had the privilege of seeing people generate enough income with online courses to actually build a business around it. We are excited to help others and share what we know!

What is a video course?

A video course is an online course that is delivered solely by video. There are various sites like, Udemy and Treehouse that are examples of sites that deliver online courses via video.

What’s the difference between a video course and an online course?

The primary difference is that a video course is delivered across the medium of video opposed to a regular online course that may have other methods for course delivery like, images, text, and or audio.

Why video courses?

Video is the most popular online course delivery method. This site will be focused primarily on video courses and all the components that are required to create and deliver a video course. We also want this to be a community for course creators that are interested in delivering a video course.

Are video courses the best way to deliver a course?

No, not necessarily. There are various types learning styles, we’ve just chosen to focus on video courses with CourseCast.

Can you make money with video courses?

Absolutely! The Global e-learning market is projected to be a $300 Billion industry by 2025. Crazy right? That means that you’ve got an opportunity to tab into this market. Everyone is an expert at something, might as well share your knowledge and generate income. You’ll find that we are going to talk about:

  • Marketing your video course
  • Making passive income with your video course
  • Creating a lifestyle business with video courses
  • Technical and non-technical strategies and tips
  • Testimonials from other successful course creators

We hope that we can be of assistance through our free resources; YouTube videos, blog and free online video courses.

We look forward to serving you!


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Do you have questions about how to create a video course? Whether you have technical questions or strategical questions, feel free to send us your questions.

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